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Immovable Mage

  • Fantasy

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What do you call a mage incapable of casting spells? In this story, we usually call him Terry.

When the boy is accepted into Arcana Academy, his talent in the pillars of mana foundation manages to awe everyone. All the bigger is the eventual disappointment when Terry turns out to be an utter failure at spellwork.

Diagnosis? Major aspect impairment. No cure. Ever.

Faced with expulsion, Terry is blessed with the unexpected kindness of others. He loses his spot in the Academy but in exchange, he finds a home with a caring family.

Resigned to explore mana cultivation, Terry never stops looking for his own path as a mage – day after day, season after season, always searching for compatible spellwork. All to finally find the only spell he can cast. The beginning of a journey to discover what truly defines a legendary mage.

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