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The Years of Apocalypse

  • Fantasy
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Mirian Castrella, a student in her final year of a magical academy, unexpectedly finds herself caught in a time loop and haunted by strange dreams of the Elder Gods. Her plan had been to become an artificer to support her struggling family, but when the Akana Praediar army betrays her country in a surprise attack, everything changes. Instead, she finds herself delving into the dark secrets of the world, mastering magic, finding allies, and uncovering a vast conspiracy.

However, just because the time loop can save her life doesn’t mean it can save her from everything. Mirian must navigate a dangerous world changed by the magitech revolution. Her quest to save the world from the apocalypse will lead her to battle magi and beasts, into the unfathomable underground Labyrinth, across distant lands, and into forgotten ancient ruins. Only through becoming a master arcanist who understands the true nature of the world can Mirian hope to stop the apocalypse she relives through time and time again. If she fails, everything she loves will be lost.

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