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The Wardens of Eternity: Alice Rising

  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Action

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They took everything from him, the life he knew, the people he cared for, his whole family. He will go to the end of the universe if needs be to find them. And fight them again. The Proctors of Darkness and their minions. The weavers of lies and miseries. He’ll either shatter their souls into countless pieces, imprison them in the darkest dungeon for eternity, or die trying. It’s the only path worth taking.
But on that path, he is not alone.

Alice has been given a chance to live again, in a new world, with new rules. She comes to him, looking for a mentor. But as her mentor is trying to keep her safe and help her grow, she realizes that he has too many shortcomings and is bound to fail again. So, to give them a chance to survive, she will need to step up and do things she never thought possible, becoming smarter and stronger than any woman she had ever known.

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