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The Moth of Brightlyre

  • Mystery
  • Fantasy

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Beneath the sky of worms, Insect Gods rule the subterranean world of Brightlyre.

The Silkmoth God by the name ‘Heart’ has spent eight millennia alone atop a cloud-piercing mountain, weaving and sewing and playing songs to herself. She does not know what her own name means, how she got atop her mountain, or how to descend to the surface. Her memories are splotchy. Her wings do not work. She fears one wrong slip would kill her – so she has never tried to leave. 

But, one night, a crack opens above her head. Her mountain burns and the earth quakes beneath her feet, her eternity of peace shattered in a battle between powerful Insect Gods. With nowhere left to hide, she is forced to venture down in search of a new home, armed with only a sewing needle and what she believes is the weakest magic in the world.

… Brightlyre sees the descent of its final Insect God.

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