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Norman the Necromancer

  • Fantasy
  • Comedy

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Norman's life hasn't been easy. Despite his potential, he spiraled into drug and alcohol addiction to escape his loneliness and pain. However, when the apocalypse occurs, he is granted a rare opportunity to turn his life around. Unfortunately, his past mistakes still haunt him, resulting in unemployment, a failed relationship, and ostracization from society.

With everything falling apart, Norman realizes it's time to take control of his life and pursue his dream of becoming a necromancer. But can he overcome his self-destructive tendencies and finally rise to the occasion? As he delves into the mysteries of the afterlife, Norman must prove to everyone that he is capable of greatness and not the loser he was once perceived to be. Will he seize this opportunity, or will he succumb to his past failures once again?

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M.J. Markgraf