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Demon Card Enforcer

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It’s Drop Night, the one night every decade when the gods hand out cards to a lucky few. If you get a deck, you’re a deckbearer capable of great feats—such as controlling frightening monsters.

Wolfe, top enforcer for the Grimm family mob, has already been overlooked on two previous Drop Nights. People of his ilk seldom receive cards, as the gods tend to favor people who follow their divine mandates, but that doesn’t mean he can’t hope.

Unfortunately, Wolfe doesn’t have time to celebrate. The rival street gang, the Cobras, has six deckbearers and they’re cutting in on the Grimm family’s trade. Someone has to do the dirty work, and it isn’t going to be the spoiled children of Big Man Grimm.

Against all odds, though, Wolfe does receive a deck, right at midnight.

And he just so happened to receive a rare card everyone would kill to have in their own deck…

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John Stovall
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