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Cultist of Cerebon

  • Fantasy

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When Zareth first realized he had been reborn into a world that seemed to run on video game mechanics, he was ecstatic. He’d expected to go on to live an exciting life filled with danger and adventure. Instead, Zareth spent much of his new life living on the streets of Tal’Qamar before eventually becoming a Cultist to Cerebon, God of Flesh and Transformation.

However, being Cultist to the God of Flesh was much less exciting than Zareth had hoped and he now spent most of his time helping rich women smoothen their skin. Just when he had given up hope of his life ever being anything exceptional, everything begins to change when the city of Tal’Qamar enters a period of sharp political turmoil.

When Zareth finds himself being dragged into that turmoil, he very quickly learned that he should have been more careful about what he wished for.

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